The Strategy

How do you penetrate a wall of noise long enough for elected and community leaders to notice you?

…And then make sure they remember you long enough to take action?

Government Affairs

With relationships in federal, state, and local government – and on both sides of the aisle – the Seven Pillar Strategies team is unparalleled at crafting successful legislation, passing ballot initiatives and receiving government funding appropriations.

We work with community influencers, elected officials, like-minded organizations, voters, and the media to enact comprehensive strategies that deliver results.

Whether it is quietly addressing an issue with legislators or bringing your issue front and center to the attention of the community it impacts, we rally the support that is needed in a clear and consistent voice.

Let us help you find a path to victory by ensuring that your issue or concern is embraced by multiple leaders’ views from the economic, social welfare, and common sense perspectives.

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