The Strategy

Crisis Management

Our Seven Pillar Strategies team steps in immediately to assess, contain, and ultimately manage crisis situations for celebrities, athletes, politicians, executives, organizations, and corporate brands.

We work with onsite teams and local law enforcement to ensure that potentially catastrophic situations are contained and handled appropriately. We then work with your leadership and legal teams to craft talking points to be delivered to employees, investors, communities, or the press.

A Corporate Executive

With unflattering or unsavory information about to be made public.

A Candidate Running For Office

Looking to change the public perception of who they are or their positions.

A Key Figure in an Organization

Who is going through a large transition.

An Elected Official or
Non-Profit Organization

Needing public support for government funding or legislation.

A Person with a Scandal

Who needs it to be handled discreetly and ethically.

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