Stand With Kris

Kris Fitzgerald

Kris Fitzgerald

A Florida Mother Went from
Running for Local Office to
Becoming a Political Prisoner

With a campaign that raised less than ten thousand dollars total, Kris Fitzgerald defied the odds and successfully won her election to become a Lake Wales City Commissioner by just 33 votes.

One evening, about two months later, Kris’ 13 year-old daughter confided to her that she was violently sexually assaulted by a family member. There were various family discussions and meetings and the police were called.

Local police recognized Kris and the office of one of her political rivals, the Polk County Sheriff, was called. In a shocking turn of events, rather than focus on the sexual assault case Kris was arrested in front of her daughter on false felony charges. Worse, no arrests, charges, or even meaningful progress was made in her daughter’s case.

Kris is Ready to Fight Back but
She and Her Daughter
Need Our Help.

Give to Kris' Legal and Reputation Restoration Fund

It Will Take Resources to Win a Fight This Big

Kris and her loved ones have launched a Legal and Reputation Restoration Fund so that she can successfully stand up and speak truth to power. This fund will be used strictly for three purposes:

Legal fees for her ongoing matters, including civil matters she may pursue.

Thankfully, the jury in Kris’ case saw through what was happening and found her not guilty on all charges. Now Kris is pursuing any and all legal options to send the message that community leaders should not be able to abuse their power like this again.

Reputation Restoration fees to rebuild her professional and personal credibility in her community

Over 1.2 million people who viewed malicious statements made about her, including her photo being held up as she was called a “totally irrational” criminal. It’s time for the true story to be heard.

Family Recovery funds to assist with the needs of Kris and her daughter.

Kris had her professional therapy license suspended and her Governor removed her from her elected office. Though the truth eventually was heard in a court of law, Kris and her daughter have suffered while she was out of work for nearly two years.

Kris is Still Standing.
She Needs Us to Stand With Her.

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