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DeSantis and His Allies Arrested Her & Removed Her from Office – Now Kris Fitzgerald is Running for Congress

UPDATE: Many of you followed and shared the story of Kris Fitzgerald and her daughter Mariah. We have an inspiring update about our client.


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As some of you who have been following her story are aware, for months Kris prepared for her trial and worked to rebuild her professional reputation.

Once her case went to trial, her attorney made his case that the charges against Kris had been fabricated. The jury agreed. After less than one hour of deliberation, they found in favor of Kris on all counts.

Two weeks prior to making his bid for President, Governor DeSantis reversed his position stating, “Kris Fitzgerald shall be reinstated as City Commissioner.” Neither the governor nor the sheriff held a press conference for her reinstatement.

Provoked by the political corruption she witnessed firsthand, and seeing a need to advocate for other victims of assault and abuse, Kris announced her bid for Florida Congressional Seat 15, a position now held by DeSantis’s former Secretary of State.

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Kris Fitzgerald

Kris Fitzgerald

A Florida Mother Went from
Running for Local Office to
Becoming a Political Prisoner

With a campaign that raised less than ten thousand dollars total, Kris Fitzgerald defied the odds and successfully won her election to become a Lake Wales City Commissioner by just 33 votes.

One evening, about two months later, Kris’ 13 year-old daughter confided to her that she was violently sexually assaulted by a family member. There were various family discussions and meetings and the police were called.

Local police recognized Kris and the office of one of her political rivals, the Polk County Sheriff, was called. In a shocking turn of events, rather than focus on the sexual assault case Kris was arrested in front of her daughter on false felony charges. Worse, no arrests, charges, or even meaningful progress was made in her daughter’s case.

Stand with Kris - Kris Fitzgerald for Congress

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